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The IAV Initiative is pretty simple.  We work with campaigns and advertisers to reduce the number of unnecessary political advertisements sent during elections. And by unnecessary, we mean sent to someone who is either: a) not eligible to vote or b) has already voted. In addition to reducing campaign fatigue, the IAV Initiative can also work to identify irregular voting habits and discrepancies and aide election officials to help ensure every vote is counted.

We're seeking funds to perfect the process and technology, as well as create awareness among voters and candidates that there's a better way to communicate at election time.

Thank you for choosing to make a donation to the I Already Voted (IAV) Initiative.  Your support will help us solve a pressing problem that’s been happening for years: excessive campaign advertisements.

If you’re interested in making an alternative donation – such as a check or money order – or donating complimentary advertisement space or physical items such as empty office space or equipment, please email us at


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