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Routt among Colorado counties seeking to strengthen faith in voting process


Steamboat Springs — Four months after a national election that led President Donald Trump to speculate that millions of fraudulent votes had been cast on Election Day 2016, the Routt County Board of Commissioners will consider Wednesday whether to spend $141,000 to purchase new voting machines that offer enhanced ability to track individual votes cast.

But any connection to President Trump’s concerns is likely coincidental. Efforts by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office have been underway since at least 2013 to bring all of Colorado’s 64 counties together through the use of one supplier for voting machines.

Secretary of State Wayne Williams, writing in an opinion piece published in the Denver Post last month, pointed out that using one provider for voting and ballot counting machines across the state allows neighboring counties to rely on one another during disasters, recalls and staff turnover. Routt County Clerk Kim Bonner said that Routt and neighboring Moffat and Grand counties have used the same manufacturer for the same reasons, but it’s time to upgrade Routt’s 11-year-old voter machines anyway.

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